Thursday, January 29, 2004


So hubby takes the day off today - for what? I don't fucking know. I thought to give me a break, ya know, a day off so to speak, but I'm not sure now. The little people are acting horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. AND I had to have YET another round with The Toilet Of Doom! I hate my toilet.

Good thing: I did get to sleep in this morning as hubby was home and had instructed that the little people should be directed to him for attention this morning. I took that to heart. I got to sleep for an extra hour. Well rested for the rest of this day.

Bad thing: While I was washing my face, Cabbage Patch and Super Girl were in my bedroom and started messing with my sewing maching and the project I've been working on and cut it all to hell. I'm so pissed about that.

Good thing: I got some uninterupted time on the computer this morning.

Bad Thing: My schedule is totally off today.

*sigh* I think I'll go to lunch by myself. Anywhere I can get a large Roffy-colota!

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