Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Passion Statements

I was perusing the blogs I obsessively read on a daily basis. Some people have such strong political views, I don’t necessarily agree with them and thing some of their views are down right inaccurate, but I admire their passion and I’d refrain from leaving comments as I know they don’t give a flip about my differing opinion and I respect their right to say whatever the fuck they want on their blog. Other people write deep stirring post about their inner most emotions. I’m often in awe of them being able to share something so personal on such a public forum, but I suppose the internet affords one a measure of anonymity that other forums really don’t, still it takes courage to bear one’s soul so to speak – even virtually. Some people write insightful social commentary and rail against the wrongs in society and the injustice to the downtrodden. So much energy and passion goes into their missives that I oft times need a rest after a read. And then there are the people who seek to impart some grains of sagely advice and worldly wisdom, usually it’s moving and profound (otherwise I wouldn’t keep reading their freaking blog). They are all different, yet they all have the same thing – passion. They are all written with great passion. And me? I write for a laugh most of the time. None of the above (vaguely) referenced blogs would ever have a post about having their pedometer clipped to their lavender string bikini undies, nor would they ever discuss the sleazy-ish details of their love life or mention the gay porn calendar that was received as a lovely gift from the spouse. Nope just me. I always go for the laugh – even in real life. I’m incapable of prolonged periods of seriousness. Even in an intimate setting (sex) I have to get a laugh at SOME time (not during mind you, but definitely between).

I wonder if I should try harder to be more serious

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