Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Stepped On Barbie’s Head Just A Moment Ago

Not intentionally, she was just in the way, laying there on the floor as I was getting into the tub. It’s her own fault.

I just finished coloring my hair, because what better thing could one do at midnight on a Saturday night than color one’s hair? So now my bathroom looks like a crime scene. I was an idiot while coloring, I only wore gloves to do the roots, then took them off to do the refresher color so I ended up with that “Oops, I didn’t mean to kill that hooker” red all over my hands… actually down to my elbows. No matter, the hair shall look fabulous, so what if my tub was like that shower scene from Psycho?

On to other insanity!

Life is so weird sometimes. One of my best friends from high school has a mild form of stalking, in her free time at work she likes to do online searches for people we knew in high school. Then she’ll call me and tell me about the, on occasion she’ll ask me or dare me (in the case of my nemesis from hs) to e-mail them. Early in the week she called and left me a message to CALL HER NOW. I did not as I was very busy and while I was listening to her telephone message I got another phone call so I forgot to call her, so bad me, I suck. ANYWAY… I got a message on MySpace from her to CALL HER on Thursday. She tells me that she found our friend E’s page on MySpace and I have to go look. So, of course I HAVE to do that. I was all “Oh my goodness! He’s um… grown up… and um… gotten really cute!” My friend implored me to send E an e-mail (because she’s a total ‘tard and couldn’t figure out to how to do it from MySpace herself). So I did. Friday my friend calls back to see if E answered, which he hadn’t so I sent yet another message demanding his attention. It’s odd how when STALKING, HOOKERS and GROUP THERAPY are all mentioned, it gets one’s attention. So started the exchange of e-mails betwixt he and I and the phone calls from my friend. It was crazy. But a good kind of crazy. Hopefully we all can meet up soon.

Taking Out A Loan To Fill Up The Tank

Fuck, gas prices are out of control. It took $37 to fill my gas tank on my tiny little car.

Must go to work. How I hate not having AC in my car. *sigh* Think cool thoughts for me.

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