Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blood Spilled At The Target

Last Friday on the way home from picking up K we stopped off at the Super Target to pick up a few things for K’s trip to Colorado. I parked and people started getting out of the car, then my ever so graceful offspring Super Girl proceeded to slam her finger in the car door. Oh great. There was crying. And there was blood. There was one 7 year old little girl screaming “It’s BLEEDING! It’s BLEEDING!” and then there was me. The mom. I told my wee person to CALM DOWN NOW, and surprisingly she did as K followed my directions to find a paper towel in the car. (at this point some nosy old lady in the parking lot started asking if we needed help – I think just trying to see what was going on really – and I told her firmly no, that I was handling my business). Since the screaming had stopped, we headed to the Super Target where in I asked the security guard where the snack bar was so I could get a cup of ice for Super Girl to stick her finger in, then we headed to the bathroom for clean up and assessment. Things looked okay except for the cut on her finger which extended all the way across her fingernail. Ew.

When we came out of the restroom to meet up with K and Cabbage Patch, the helpful security guard was there asking if anything happened in the parking lot that he should know about and then he said something about someone having been bit by a dog earlier. Um, no, just a car door.

I made Super Girl keep her finger in the cup of ice as we shopped – she got a bag of Gummi Bears to help her healing and for pain management (hey, Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar helps medicine go down. I figure a bag of candy can help the pain go way for a painful injury, a whole cake for a broken limb and probably a case of Hershey bars for a dismemberment.) Things were good, she got candy and she knew she’d get band aids too.

Later I pointed out to K that this was the second of our two progeny to have their fingers injured and bleeding on a shopping trip involving him being on watch. He denied such charges and said he did not cause the injuries in question. I asserted that though he had not in fact injured either of the beings that I had nurtured in my body for 9 months and birthed, he was in fact in the vicinity when both of them bloodied their tiny fingers therefore it is his fault. He conceded that I was mostly right.

So boys and girls, the lesson here is that you should not shop with K! You might lose a finger!

PS the kid is fine now.

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