Thursday, February 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

I think my oldest doesn’t like her birthday or something. Every year right before her birthday Super Girl becomes Super Brat. I don’t understand this. Out of the 7 birthdays she’s had, I’ve canceled two of them two years in a row. She’s very, very close to having her 8th birthday canceled due to extreme brattyness and she’s only got 5 more days until her birthday.

Correction on the Dead Gerbil post: The wishes followed on the gerbil burial were the wishes of Cabbage Patch not the deceased gerbil who did not have a will and at the time of his horrible demise had not verbalized his wishes for burial or otherwise.

Peanuts. Does anyone actually LIKE that comic/cartoon? I absolutely despise each and EVERY one of their holiday specials. The best thing about growing up was not EVER having to watch another Peanuts holiday special. Okay maybe that’s not the BEST part of being a grown up… Being able to buy booze and having sex and not having a curfew and… well you get the picture… but not having to watch that crap is still damn good.

Why is dating so fucking difficult? No really, WHY? Why do the few guys I DO like seem to lose interest after the first date? And WHY do all the other guys I want to forget me continue to pursue me almost to the point of needing a restraining order or a witness protection order? (some idiot is messaging me at this very moment) Honestly are there any nice, intelligent, good looking, straight men out there who aren’t just out for sex and want to date me (believe me, the freaky sex will come to those who wait)? Maybe I should just join a convent… oh wait… I’m Jewish.

I think the lone male gerbil is lonely… or maybe he’s a bit psychotic and he’s pondering how he murdered Spike.

Where the hell did the warm weather go? Yesterday I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt and today, well today I damn near froze my ass off in my shorts when I took Coco out.

And that is all. The End.

PS - the best insult in the world is to call someone a TWAT, as in "(fill in the name) is a TWAT." Thank you Savol for putting it in perspective and giving me a giggle.

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