Friday, July 27, 2007

The Motivation Train Has Left The Station!

Damn, I don’t feel like going to work today. No particular reason other than I’d like to just sleep until noon.

Someone come make me coffee! And breakfast… I like my eggs over easy.

Not As Planned…

So my tough love approach day didn’t go as planned. Partly because it was my day off and I ended up snoozing late. The day didn’t improve much, about the time I decided to take a shower I discovered that the water was turned off for some fucking reason. DAMN! Fine no shower, I could do house work until the water was on… or could I? Nope, seems you actually NEED water to do laundry and wash dishes – and the dog just didn’t feel like licking anymore dirty plates for me. DAMN! Okay fine, what next? Oh I needed to go to the grocery store. Well that wasn’t going to happen until after I hit the showers, there was no way I was going to head outside with raccoon eyes and dirty hair. Ah well it worked out after all, the water magically came back on, I forced my irritable offspring to take a nap and I did get a shower.


Yesterday I did the MOST AWESOME cake ever. It was a big lion! My boss was rather impressed and took photos of the cake. I went back yesterday evening and took photos of the cake myself – If I ever get a damn card reader for this camera, I’ll share the amazing photos with everyone.

Okay, must go muster up some motivation to go to work now.

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