Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Running On The Treadmill Of Life

Sheesh. I've been so damn busy lately. It's good. It's not always good though. Anxiety attacks are bad. I've been having them. YAY! Can't worry about that now, too much to do. Besides, everyone is busy, everyone has shit to deal with. Some have much more than I do, just need to suck it up and deal. Commencing sucking. Moving on.

Not having two days in a row off can be such a bitch as far as getting things done. And ya know, I'm so scatter brained at times (most times) it's hard to stay on track - ADD is so shitty. For instance I had to be somewhere recently - at 5 pm, I got off work at 4 pm had to change clothes, print out papers and get going. I spent 20 minutes looking for the RIGHT skirt to wear that I ended up leaving right at 5 pm. Great, already late when I'm leaving, had a 20 minute drive and no getting lost time built in (this is a must, I get lost 90% of the time I go ANYWHERE - even if I've been there before) AND I was wearing the wrong skirt. *sigh*

THEN, last night I go to test THE CAKE recipe again. Last time, just checking that it's PERFECT and all with the few changes I've made. I mix it up while making kids do homework and such and stick it in the oven for 35 minutes. The timer goes off and I pull out two pans of dark brown greasy sludge. I panic and wonder how a few tiny changes could make SUCH a difference! The offspring are amazed and bewildered (as usual). I send them off to bed. And ponder. What could I have done wrong? And by wrong I mean totally fucking off the wall wrong? Is there a black hole in my oven? Maybe a temporal vortex that caused all the ingredients to metamorphose into something EVIL? Do I read too many comic books? Is this a plot by the government? Maybe alien contact? Two little aliens just got cooked? Am I watching too much SciFi lately? And then it came to me! The answer in BIG BOLD NEON LETTERS with a DUNCE cap for me to wear... I forgot to put in the FLOUR! WTF is wrong with me? Who gets so distracted that they forget the FLOUR in a cake? Me, that's who.

And my sweetie is sick today. *big pout* Hope you feel better soon Sarge.

Okay enough whining, I know you just come here for CAKE.

This is actually three cupcakes. Cat, I'm a Kitty-Cat and I Dance, Dance, Dance!
This is a little 5" cake. Very cute though.
Still cute. Makes me think of the preppy movement way back when.
Another tiny cake!
So pretty.
I just forgot to post this the other day. It goes with the present cake in the last post. Funny thing is the grandma brought this back in right before I left because their cat had licked off the 1st B on the cake.
In the case right now.
I liked the design on that anniversary cake, so I thought I'd duplicate it for the case. The boss told me yesterday that the woman who picked up the anniversary cakes was a little put off that the cake looked like a Valentine's cake to her. Well sorry, she said white and red and I could do what I wanted and I wanted to make it look all lovey-dovey. My boss told her nicely that's what she gets when she says decorator choice.
So many football themed cakes.

Okay that's all for now. Go get some coffee and get back to work.

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