Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Cake

So much to write about, just too tired right now. So... here is CAKE! All my cake photos from Friday until today, which is by no means ALL of the cake I decorated, just the ones I took photos of.

I don't know why my camera turned the purple roses blue, but it did! I didn't like this cake at all.
Whereas I LOVED this cake!
And so did the woman who ordered it. She was SURPRISED it was in the shape of a skateboard, she just expected a skateboard on it. Well that's what you get when you are VAGUE with me, she just said "SKATEBOARD CAKE". I loved making this.
This is odd. But the customer requested the cupcake puppy facing roses. Odd.
Stacked gift cake. Ho hum.
Pink and green polka dots. For the display case, sold!
Daisies for Mother's Day.
More daisies...
Detecting a theme?
Cupcake daisies for the display case. Just because.
Yet another confirmation cake. By a customer who ordered one the weekend before.
Blue and chocolate swirls. So pretty! It was an order and I liked it so much...
I made one for the display case... SOLD!
And the cool one from today. A chess cake for Sarge. I was rushed so my writing isn't straight. That and my carpal tunnel is acting up something fierce due to my working so much last week.

Okay that's it. Nothing to see here, move along.

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