Friday, July 25, 2008

Day One: Run Through Field of Flowers

Tomorrow K and Blue Eyes take the progeny to the coast to spend a whole 2 weeks with my oldest sister! Did I mention there will be 4 or her children there as well? Did I mention that she's completely insane? It's cool. The offspring will have a most fabulous time and I'll get some time off. Run through fields of flowers (that's what the Tiny Terrorists think I do every time they are gone), do some cleaning, pack K's stuff, sleep late, etc. Though that will only be the first few days, then I'll miss them something fierce. *sigh* Oh well, it's a good experience for them to visit family.

Tonight Cabbage Patch is at her VERY FIRST Brownie Scout sleep over with her troop (12 little 7 year old girls all in one place - more insanity!). She left with her bag of stuff and her piggy. She put a cute little straw hat on and my head nearly exploded from the intense cute! Little blond child, nostalgic straw hat and stuffed piggy. Not even I believe I gave birth to her! (except I did! And I vividly remember that! I even have witnesses.)

And now, I'm doing laundry, wanting to sleep, needing to pack, needing to cook and listening to some really GAY music.

It's a good night.

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