Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Cakes

I've been super busy at work as of late. Doing A LOT of wedding cakes.

This one is actually a grooms cake. I'm not a big Cowboys fan but I LOVE how this cake out.

Meh. I've done this cake several times. I don't even take photos of it anymore it bores me so much.

I absolutely HATE this cake! I loved it until I put on the awful variegated roses they asked for. Variegated roses are best done in moderation.

Another one I dislike. Blah. I dislike the stringy things on it.

This on the other hand, I LOVE. Since all the decoration is gum paste flowers, I had to get that cake as smooth as possible. I love how it came out.

This is another grooms cake. Customers I've worked with before for custom cakes ordered this with the tuxedo strawberries. I told them I had never done them before and they said that they knew I could and paid the $1.99 a strawberry. The wedding cake was like the three tier that I am so bored with.

Ah my favorite shot-gun wedding cake! I get last minute orders for this size cake all the time. I like how it turned out.

And the shot-gun wedding grooms cake. Such a nice couple. I hope their baby was courteous enough to not be born on the wedding day.

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