Saturday, January 24, 2004

Smooth Move...

Today I had one of those moments today that was utterly poetic. I went into the room for my 1:30 pm appointment. The mom was a bit on the bitchy side and for some reason was acting like a bit of a tight-ass. Luckily the baby was dressed and ready as the grandmothers were in the room and they started hovering over what I was doing as soon as I entered the room. The mom and the grandmas were making making me uptight. I get the information and start taking pictures. After the pictures everyone is crowded around my picture cart and I turn to look at something and when I do my elbow knocks something over behind me - I look - a big bottle of chocolate milk - I just spilled a big bottle of chocolate milk on the mom's tray and on some photos that were sitting on the tray. Shit. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, I can NOT believe I just did that. The grandmas scramble to clean everything up as the parents look at the photos. I figure that such a brilliant fuck up will mean that they will NOT buy photos, but I'm wrong, they buy a nice size package and I'm relieved to be out of their room so I can have my anxiety attack in peace and quiet. All I can think as I leave is "smooth move Ex-lax". Later I can not stop laughing as I remember the look on the mom's face (something between utter suprised and homicidal rage) after I spilled that chocolate milk. hehehe.... I'm such a klutz.

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