Monday, February 09, 2004

Brain Pain

Ugh. I hate this overcast weather. I have a crappy sinus headache. The little people are BOTH sick. Nasty colds. Ick. I have a date tonight. I need this headache to go.


Sheesh... the man score card is ever changing.

Mark off Dr. J - he's an ass, just been kicked to the curb.
Mr. Body is moving up in the ranks - he's planning a trip to see me
Roller Coaster man is still on the card - top position
Add in Long Haired man - he'll never be in the relationship area, but he's a lot of fun
Scotsman and Navy man are both still there also - same place
An Old Flame keeps popping up every time I think the fire is out...
eh that's it, the other men aren't worth mentioning yet.
The guy I'm going out with tonight will get a nickname soon I'm sure.

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