Thursday, February 12, 2004

More WalMart Experience

The other night I went to WalMart with D. We pulled into the parking lot and turned to park on the side lot. A person in an SUV was in front of me when I turned, he was waiting for someone to pull out. I waited for a few minutes, then the SUV apparently got tired of waiting and pulled forward about 3 car lengths and I started to pull forward, all of a sudden the guy in the SUV starts pulling back fast! I step on the brake and watch until this guy is about a car length ahead of me and I start beeping my horn. He stops (but not right away) and after 30 or so seconds he starts backing up quickly again! I hit the horn again - this time I'm just holding down the horn as I'm sure this stupid mutha-fucka driving must have forgoten someone was behind him and I didn't want to get hit. He stops about half a foot from my car and turns on his blinker! He then zips into the parking space he has been so jealously guarding. I'm pissed now. I get all crazy when people come close to hitting my car. I pull behind where this ass parked and start rolling down my window - D starts saying something about bad karma and I shouldn't - which makes me hesitate... for a few seconds. They get out of their car and I start rolling the window down again, D is trying to talk sense to me now and she's almost got it when the man get's out and starts getting smart with me. I park and get out as D is still trying to get her seat belt off. I'm there asking this idiot what the fuck is wrong with him? Why he came so fucking close to hitting my car? He's telling me to fuck off. The really beauty of this is that his wife is VERY pregnant and he's holding a toddler maybe a 16 months old in his arms. So he's driving like a maniac and he's got a pregnant wife and baby in the car. WTF? He starts telling me it doesn't fucking matter because he didn't fucking hit my car and I say yes it fucking does because he was driving like a fucking idiot in the fucking WalMart parking lot and asked if he was fucking stupid. His wife (also a fucking moron just by virtue of being married to his man) says "We are better than that" as in, not going to stoop to my level of obsenity (I guess she has hearing problems as well as being stupid because her idiot husband was already at my level of obsenity). I say "No your fucking not. Stupid mutha-fucka driving like that in a parking lot." D makes a comment that pissed dumb wife off, stupid ass acts like he's going to hit me - and he's saying this WHILE he has his TODDLER in his arms! I tell him to bring it on, he doesn't and we went in to the store.

What a fucking moron. Stupid people should NOT breed.

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