Thursday, April 08, 2004

Bits And Pieces

I'm desperately having trouble getting motivated today. Probably because I stayed up to fucking late (again). I spoke to XXXX last night then worked on my bodice to wear to Scarby. Yes I know dressing up to go to a ren faire makes me a dork in some people's eyes, I don't really care, I think it will be fun. My boyfriend is also a rennie so I think he'll like it also. Speaking of XXXX I'm excited because he'll be here for opening weekend of Scarby but also dreading it because his WIFE will be with him. Damn. Oh... What's that surprised look for? Haven't I mentioned he was married? Well I really shouldn't have to, you know - I've discussed my issues with all the single available men that I've dated (being that they have all turned out to be complete looser-asshole-fuckwads). Don't bother telling me how wrong it is to date a married man or how foolish it is to actually love him... I know it, I've heard it, I've even said it all to myself... Doesn't matter, it happened, I love him, move on... So ANYWAY... He'll be here but his spouse will be hovering. I'm considering taking K and the little people with me this weekend since I won't have the opportunity to see XXXX all that much. *sigh* Super girl thinks my bodice is so lovely she wants me to make a costume for her to wear to match mine. hehehe... I might do that tonight, make one for her and for Cabbage Patch.

***** Sorry... Got interrupted ***** lost train of thought... Damn... Hope it comes back around...

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