Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Passover Seder

We had a fabulous Seder last night. The food was good - well most of it. The potato kugel was yucky, the cheese cake had a little too much lemon zest in it, the Passover rolls were a tad bit hard (I cooked them a bit too long), the spinach stuffing was far better than I expected, the green bean tomato salad was delightful, chicken was quite good also and the soups were yummy (I love matzo ball soup), my matzo balls were perfect - everyone enjoyed themselves. I was so proud of Super Girl, she had the first question memorized and part of the second one. And her pronouciation was quite good. Despite half of the adults present (me and Petey) getting drunk on the Passover wine pretty quick, we did manage to finish our Seder with very little mess. We did the Seder on the floor with cushions to sit on and we ate on the nice red china. It was all very nice and very cozy.

I'll add a few pictures soon.

Part way through the Seder - Peter pours more wine for everyone.

I think this was glass number 3 of wine.

The end of the seder - the end of all the wine too!

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