Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some People Just Suck

What's up with rude people today? Was there a memo sent out that people are supposed to be RUDE today and I just didn't get it?

I'm so irritated with this one person I just had to walk away. The grandmother of a baby I was scheduled to take it's photo at noon looked me right in the eye and said "You need to be accomodating of us." after telling me that they weren't ready for the baby's photos - this is the third time to schedule with this family. I've scheduled a time to take these photos three times and they CAN NOT get their shit together, yet I'm the one who needs to be ACCOMODATING? They are wasting my time and I need to be ACCOMODATING? Whatever, she can just SUCK IT.

The other family is not nearly as rude yet still they have no respect for my time. I scheduled with her yesterday and didn't get many shots as she was tired from some vistors who just wouldn't leave. I suggest that I come back a bit later after she had her lunch and a nap. When I returned she was still napping and said we could take the photos today. This morning I step into her room to schedule the photos and she says she can't schedule a time as she has a lot of visitors coming and wants to know how she can contact me to let me know when she's available. Sorry, can't do that, I'm actually going to be WORKING and not sitting by a phone waiting for you to grant me the priveledge of being in your presence. I'll stop by before I leave and if she's not ready, she can SUCK IT too!

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