Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Morning Commute and How YOU Can Make It Better For ME

I’ve come to realize that I really, really HATE my morning commute. I know, I know, you ALL hate your morning commute. Mine is REALLY LONG, in the Easy Bake Oven so sans AC and with standard transmission and a crappy radio. So it’s really FABULOUS. Nothing like sitting through three stop lights with your foot on the clutch while your leg muscles threaten to go into convulsions and your toes cramp up. Add in the fact that morning radio is utter SHIT and I only have a cassette tape player in the car. Yes, yes, I know, I’m truly lucky to have a vintage radio in my car and for that I should appreciate it, but you see, I don’t have any really GREAT music to play when the radio SUCKS (which is every time one of the DJ’s opens their mouths). As hard as it is to believe, I am LACKING in a truly bitchin’ music library on cassette tape. Sadly I stop purchasing cassettes when I chose to join the rest of the population and move ahead with technology and purchase CDs. Now, I’m in a sad predicament of having to listen to utter crap in the mornings. I’m sure someone out there has to have an impressive cassette tape collection. I’m quiet certain that someone would be more than willing to earn MANY, MANY good karma points by sending me some choice albums on cassette. You know you love me and you want to do this.

As I was driving this morning… wait, let me rephrase that – as I was waiting to crawl through a stop light, I caught sight of the car behind me in my rear view mirror (hey, I had to do SOMETHING other than plot people’s deaths). There on the dash was the most amazing thing ever. HELLO KITTY! The car behind me had a HELLO KITTY bobble head doll. The only thing keeping me from jumping out of my car and running back to that car to snatch HELLO KITTY off the dash was my aching, twitching thigh muscle threatening to go into a full on cramp from holding down the clutch. Damn that clutch! I NEED that HELLO KITTY! Actually I just need several bobble head dolls on my dash to amuse me while I waste my life in traffic every morning. Just think of it, my dash could be a veritable SEA of bobbling heads! How AMAZING would that be?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Let me just answer that in one word – very. And that’s why I’ve decided that for a limited time offer YOU amazing readers can earn double karma points by sending me bobble head dolls for my dash! ANY of them, I don’t care who they are (‘cept, I really DO want HELLO KITTY) just send them on and make my commute a little less homicidal!

My commute also involves steak. Wonderful fabulous steak that I don’t get to eat. I drive RIGHT PAST Lawry’s EVERY FUCKING MORNING! And every morning about 8:30 am I’m thinking how wonderful a fabulous steak from Lawry’s would be. So here I am again offering this limited time offer, anyone who wants to earn TRIPPLE KARMA POINTS… wait… I take that back, let me rephrase that – any guy who wants to earn the BEST BLOW JOB EVER can buy me a steak dinner from Lawry’s. Come on, you know that’s a good deal – one steak dinner for a fabulous hummer! Contact me directly for this offer – there is no limit to how many times you can redeem this offer. Supplies limited, void where prohibited, must be 21 or older to ride this ride. For external use only. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not valid outside the United States unless accompanied with jewelry. Offer expires at the express arbitrary decision of Judy. Act NOW!

See? My commute is frustrating and sucky. I have however found something that DOES make it a bit more bearable. BLOGGING! No I’m not driving around with my lap top on the steering wheel (but damn, that’s a thought!). Today it struck me that with all that free time where my brain was running amuck inside my head, I should be recording it! Since I lack any cool recording devices (don’t b so surprised) I decided to just write things down on a piece of scrap paper! Woohoo! Let me tell you, that was an experience! It’s hard to stay in the lanes while writing, then I figured I’d just write during the MANY, MANY red lights I have to endure. And here is the fruits of my labor! Well mostly. Amazingly my hand writing isn’t the most legible when using the steering wheel for a desk, go figure.

And that my friends is how I spent my valuable commuting time this morning. Eventually I’ll get used to sitting in traffic as opposed to my old commute which involved me DRIVING QUICKLY.

Off to bed now, 6 am is to fucking early to have to get up, but I still have to.

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