Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reports Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerated

Mostly anyway. I'm still alive, still working, just was offline from Friday until Monday evening so the BLOG suffered. So much to blog about! A fantastic trip to a FARM! A FABULOUS Mardi Gras party and a completly lazy Sunday! Woohoo! But it's 10:30 pm now and it has taken me an hour to upload photos. SOOOOOO I'll just leave you with these amazing photos from the Party and MAYBE I'll elaborate about them tomorrow.

One funny thing that did happen at the party was when I ran into a couple who obviously KNEW me but I had no fucking clue who the woman was, I started to figure out who the man was and thought maybe this was his NEW wife and wonder why the fuck she was talkign to me like she knew me and then the wife said "YOu don't know who I am do you?" and since I was drunk, I could not tell a lie and said NO! She said who she was and I was all "WTF? you look totally different!" and she was all "I lost like 100 poungs!" and I was all "Wow! And you went BLOND!" and well I looked like a total dumbass (as usual) but thankfully I was well into DRUNKVILLE so I didn't really care.

Okay, enjoy the photos of me getting progressivly drunker. I told K to cut me off at 8 (the last time I hit 10 I blacked out and spewed in a car) but he kept kept them coming until I hit 10 (no spewing or blacking out) but the last 2 photos of the night are WAY WAY scary.

Hooking on Burbon St.

I wasn't even drunk yet!

I like my drinks like I like my men... BIG and alchoholic... umm... well just half of that.

K likes his drinks like he likes his men... BIG and with a straw in them... um... forget that... I'm trying to.

Mmmmm Still drinking. (I think I was on 4 by then)

uh-oh... drunken chick with camera...


I was on drink # 8 or 9

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