Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Perversion

I’m getting used to this driving into work thing. I’m spending much less of my morning commute time plotting random drivers painful deaths and more time just day dreaming and switching radio stations. In all this, I’ve discovered there is ONE thing that I TRULY enjoy. Parking my car! I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true. Why you may be asking? Because there are several people on the parking lot who are inconsiderate assholes when they park. Free parking is at a premium. SOME people feel the need to park over the lines and take up two spaces. This I find completely unacceptable, how freaking hard is it to PARK correctly??? Fine whatever, it now brings me great pleasure when I spy these people as I squeeze The Easy Bake Oven in that tiny little space next to them. It’s not like I’m worried about getting my car door dinged – how would I even notice??? Last week I parked next to the SAME offending car twice in a row – one day it was really tight as the cars on BOTH sides of me had parked with their tires just over the line. Oddly enough both cars have been parked right in the middle of the parking spaces from then on. Does that make me an asshole for doing that? Probably, but honestly no more of an asshole than they are for taking up two of the best parking spaces in the lot (shady spots). Besides it brings me much mirth.

Anyway… OFF to work! Enjoy YOUR day!

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