Thursday, November 02, 2006

Had A Bad Day...

Or 3... 4... maybe 5. Gawd my life has been busy and not always in a good way. First off, I'm n0t DEAD so stop calling asking when my funeral will be. Now let me tell you about last week. It started off as a fairly normal week. But this Monday was no ordinary Monday, it was a Monday that marked the beginning of a BAD WEEK. Monday my youngest offspring brought home her report card. My adorable progeny's report card was an utter and complete shock and disapointment. The child is FAILING kindergarten! How does one FAIL at coloring, eating glue and singing A,B, C's??? I still don't have an answer for that but my offspring is doing it. Yay her. Grr... Tuesday came the following day, as it generally does. Tuesday decided to follow in Monday's footsteps and suck also. The highlight of THAT day was ME slipping in the shower and falling. Woohoo! Exciting I know. I wish I could say that I knocked myself out at that point and the rest of the week was just a bad dream, but it WASN'T all I did was give myself a few delightful bruises. Wednesday was by the BEST and MOST EXCITING of all days (and I mean that in an entirely sarcastic way). Wednesday was a beautifully rainy day. Wednesday is karaoke night and as usually I left to go hang out with friends. The Easy Bake Oven had other things in mind though. Barely a block from casa de Karmically Challenge I hit the curb... HARD... twice thanks to the wet streets. I bent some arm thingie and a joint thingie (according to the ever so hot mechanic) and my rim. Back home I go to inform K of my idiotic move and to discuss options. Thursday was nothing in compairison to Wednesday but it felt the need to keep with the BAD WEEK theme. I was home waiting for the tow truck to fetch The Easy Bake and take it to the shop. Just past 8 am as I start calling the shop, the Tiny Terrorists bust in the door. Seems they had been screwing around playing with a friend and MISSED the fucking bus. Fabulous. I was so pissed off... and in NO mood for this. Super Girl wanted me to call and have the bus come back to get them, I informed her that wasn't going to happen and they were in NO way going to STAY HOME with me (because I didn't have enough duct tape to make it through the day). We were going to WALK to school. We walked the 2.2 miles to school. I figured if nothing else it would give me time to cool off, some exercise and give them a really GOOD lesson in why it's a damn good idea to get ON the bus every morning (if not the walk then the half hour of me bitching at them). Friday wasn't great but I guess that by Thursday the BAD WEEK had run out of steam and was just kind of phoning it in at that point. I got D to take me to work, then later to take me to the parent teacher conferences. They went fine, Super Girl is doing fabulous, Cabbage Patch's teacher is hopeful that she'll catch up and even if she doesn't she said there always summer school. Sheesh. How lame is that to have to take Summer School for kindergarten? Only my kid. (and she was the breast fed one! WTF? Isn't that supposed to make the SMARTER???) The worst thing about Friday was that The Easy Bake wasn't fixed and wasn't likely to be fixed until Monday. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I didn't go to TRF. I just couldn't get it together mentally to go. The estimate on the car repairs was over $700, it just seemed crazy to spend any extra when the repairs were going to take a huge bite out of my ass financially. And the guilt, oh the guilt I would have felt for having fun while my car was ill. It would have taken much booze to aleviate the guilt. I decided it was much better for me to just stay home and sulk as I'm wont to do. I was completly mental that weekend, Prozac should have been piped into my house. I really did consider talking to my doctor on Monday about getting back on Zoloft, but I was totally sane (mostly) by Monday and didn't mention my mental state when I saw the Dr. How fabulous is that? Saturday spent painting my toenails black and writing morose poetry by Monday completly manic crazy squirrell. How does anyone manage to spend any time around me? I'm a complete loon! No really I must be (Ask me about my drive home from the wedding on Tuesday, my phone calls and how those on the recieving end all asked if I was DRUNK - which I was NOT.)

Okay, I have to go work. Enjoy the update and don't hate me for taking so long to do it... that might just push me over the edge to either a hefty perscription of Prozac or a hefty round of ammo, high powered rifel and clock tower.

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