Friday, February 02, 2007

Excitement From The Heavens

This morning the Little People were blown away by what they saw outside. SNOW! You would have thought that the jolly fat guy who handles that tree holiday had made a second visit to them and left them the keys to the warehouse for Toys R Us. I’m not a huge fan of this SNOW stuff as it’s usually just a big pain in the butt what with it being COLD and WET and how it’s accompanied with nasty ICE that makes driving hazardous and WORST of all how it usually causes the SCHOOLS TO CLOSE! Today’s SNOW is an exception, I doubt it’ll last all day and though there are some slick spots on the road, it appears that it’s not all that bad out there and best of all – the SCHOOLS ARE OPEN! YAY!!!!

Ahhhh now if only I had some hot chocolate, Amaretto and a certain sexy man to snuggle with – this day would be PERFECT.

Enjoy some photos I took this morning (in my bathrobe and slippers no less!).

See all that excitement???

This is why I moved where I live - I love this view... if only I had known that in the spring and summer it's COVERED in poison ivy of which Super Girl and I are terribly allergic... well that view wouldn't have been so tempting!

Because I just HAD to show yet another photo of La Seg's offspring! This is how she USUALLY looks! Such a good baby.

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