Saturday, February 03, 2007

Flashbacks At Starbucks While Waiting To Steal A Car

D and I went to Starbucks yesterday morning to celebrate Groundhog Day. Just kidding, I don’t give a crap about those oversized rats, we just went for coffee. What I didn’t realize was that it was RETRO day at that Starbucks. The decade was the 1980’s. There was the chick with the shitty geometric hair cut and equally crappy tattoos, then Mr. Poodle hair making me remember all those guys back in the 80’s with bad perms. Before I could even stop snicker at that in walks Neil Diamond (black leather jacket and bald spot included) followed by none other than Gary Coleman accompanied by Sally Struthers – it’s heart warming to see that she’s still very involved in feeding the children… as well as herself. Then in walks Mary Lou Retton. I’m going to have to get a job at that Starbucks so I can relive the 80’s at least once a week.

Then we left, we walked out to D’s car parked right out front. Upon opening the door to her car I was shocked by an apparently empty McDonald’s bag and half a dozen Riccola cough drops occupying my seat. I thought “We didn’t go to McDonald’s… Riccola? She didn’t have those in the car…” about that time D says “This isn’t my car!” We both start laughing as we close the door and go AROUND the corner to D’s car, all the while musing over why anyone would leave a Mercedes Benz unlocked outside a Starbucks.

Later this conversation took place:

Her: I’ve decided I’m just taking two sets of bra and panties and that’s it.
Me: hmmm… Well I’m glad to hear you are going to make this a working vacation.

Okay, I’m off to wake up everyone and get on to the airport! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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