Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Proof Of Alien Life!

Yes, I have proof of alien life! At least I HAD proof. Currently that proof is out by the trash dumpster since I decided to evict all non-food items from my fridge this afternoon. And let me tell you – EWWWWW! This is one of those times I wish my offspring were here instead of having the time of their tiny little lives at the Land of Mouse because I totally would have made them clean out the fridge. Oh stop looking at me like that; you know your parental units used to make you do horrible chores too. That is part of the fun of being a parent, bossing around the progeny. It builds character (that is another part of the fun of being a parent, saying stupid things like that).

Blind Blogging

Any time a conversation that starts with, “I saw what you blogged about me”, I get a sudden feeling of panic in my stomach and then I try to remember if I called that person an ASS HAT. Generally the answer is no, but I still have to wonder because I HAVE called people ASS HATS in the name of describing really BAD DATES. Luckily, I hadn’t and the conversation lead to dinner out for sushi without the sushi because the sushi restaurant well known for their sushi does not serve sushi on Sunday. Hmmm… go figure.

Summer Break Down

The offspring return home in about a week. Then I will be faced with the FUN and excitement of finding childcare so I can work. Woohoo! Every time I think of this, I wish Prozac came in packaging like M&M’s, I definitely would be eating all the green ones out of that bag. I had considered putting both offspring in summer school but that seems like maybe it won’t work out so well despite them both needing it due to summer school starting TOMORROW and only going to July 3. Yes, yes I did say that both progeny need summer school as they have both failed. Oh, hold on a sec, someone at the door…. I’m back now, it was just my bloated sense of guilt and failure as a parent needing to come inside and oppress me for the evening. Ah but back to the other issue causing me mental distress, daycare. Oh you know, just screw it, I feel an anxiety attack coming on just from thinking about this.

Rain = Mosquitoes

The fabulous rains have made for a wonderful population of MOSQUITOES! EW. The other day as I walked to work, I ran smack into a cloud of what I thought was just tiny gnats but was surprised (rather rudely) that they were in fact blood-sucking mosquitoes. So disgusting! I must have looked like a total ‘tard as I swatted at them while walking. Tomorrow I’ll make sure to coat myself in a nice layer of OFF! Before heading out.

The Frosting On Top

Work is still going great. Last week the cake decorator who has been training me told our supervisor that I am completely trained and ready to decorate by myself! Woohoo! Now I’m learning about the rest of the bakery, which is not as fun as decorating but it is a lot less painful for my wrist. My goal is to get really good at decorating and then go to a bakery that will pay me more.

And that’s about it for now. I have to go finish getting ready for my date tonight. So… what goes well with camo? Heels or flats?

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