Saturday, June 09, 2007

RIP Hanta Virus

Today much to my shock, I discovered that my beloved gerbil, Hanta Virus (Hanta for short) was dead. Nothing horrible or gruesome, just laying out in the middle of the cage dead. I’m very sad about all this even though I’ve spent the last year reminding my offspring that my gerbils are old and could die at any time (Bubonic Plague AKA Bea is right at 4 years old and Hanta was about 3 months younger than her) because they only live 3-4 years. In the past month both gerbils had gotten thinner and seemed slower. I always figured it would be Bea to die first since she is the oldest.

K will bury her near where he buried Spike.

I feel a tad silly about being so sad about the demise of my rodent – though I did love her as much as I love all of my pets.

Attached is a photo of both gerbils, Hanta is the black one.

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