Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Keep Telling Myself My ‘Happy Place’ Should NOT Be A Place To Hide Bodies…

First, I’ll start this out with some HAPPY THOUGHTS! HAPPY! HAPPY, I SAY!

My darling offspring are HOME! I missed them terribly. They had a most incredible time and have a butt load of Disney crap (i.e. memorabilia) now.

Another happy thought… I still love my job.

However, that brings us to what is making my blood boil. Go grab yourself some coffee or a coke, this might get long and drawn out. It’s fine, I’ll wait…. Done? Okay.

Nothing bothers me more than intolerance and hypocrisy. Well stupidity bothers me also, but I won’t hate someone JUST because they are stupid. Last week and the early part of this week I worked on a daycare arrangement with a local woman. She agreed to watch my offspring while I worked in exchange for me sewing some clothing for her offspring. We exchanged several e-mails and then had a long telephone discussion where in we set up a time to have my progeny meet hers (yesterday evening). We both thought this was a great arrangement. In the e-mails and during the phone conversation I stated “if at any time you decide this arrangement won’t work for you anymore, just give me advance notice so I can find alternate care for my kids.” Again, everything was agreeable.

Yesterday we stopped by her house after K got home. I figured we’d make it a quick trip as I knew she had VBS that night (as she had told me and her Church of Christ VBS lawn sign reminded me in it’s big purple writing). All kids got along great and she and her husband seemed fairly sane and nice. I measured her kids and she said how much she was looking forward to matching shorts/skirts for her girls and that she was looking forward to watching my kids. End of visit.

Fast forward to today at 1 pm when K went to pick up the kids. Miss Kerri told K that she could not watch the offspring anymore because he’s gay. She added something about now feeling like the arrangement is unfair as she could get ‘a lot of clothes from a thrift store for $25’. (Yeah whatever, I know she was just trying to make it seem a little less homophobic by saying that.)

*Pause for cooling down*

Okay, I wrote that on Thursday. I had to step away for a while because my blood was boiling I was so angry and indignant about such bigotry and general indecency. By Thursday night I was beyond being pissed and had moved to feeling a deep sense of pity for that woman. Friday morning before I headed off to work (thankfully K’s job is very understanding and he was able to take that morning off), I wrote the following e-mail to Miss Kerri:

Dear Ms. Valentine;

I was shocked and appalled by your behavior yesterday. Today however I just pity you.

First, how very unprofessional of you to break our verbal contract in such an abrupt manner. In one of my e-mails to you I stated “…give me a little lead time if you decide the arrangement isn't going to work for you anymore” which you did not do. When we spoke on the phone you stated that the terms of our agreement were satisfactory to you and very agreeable. I didn’t hear about you deciding not to watch my children anymore until Kent brought them home to me after 1 pm. That is unacceptable and entirely unprofessional.

Secondly, your reasoning for not watching my children due to their father being gay is perfect example of someone hiding their prejudice, bigotry and hatemongering behind their religion. It’s sad that in this day and age that people such as yourself can be so narrow minded and hateful and still consider themselves ‘good Christians’ because they can ‘justify’ their hate with the Bible. What ever happened to ‘love they neighbor’ and that old saying ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin.’ You are a shining example of typical Christian Conditional Love. I pray that you learn the real meaning of compassion, love and understanding some day, until then, you have my pity.

Thirdly, I honestly do not believe that the trade arrangement has anything to do with your decision not to watch my children; I believe it was just a lame attempt to make yourself appear less of a bigot. Sorry, didn’t work, you still look like what you truly are – a hateful bigot.

I apologize for this being in e-mail form but I was certain that I would have difficulty keeping a civil tone with you, as I abhor any type of prejudice, bigotry and intolerance.

Please do not try to reply as I have blocked your e-mail address and your phone number. I think I’ve heard enough from you. Again, I feel a great sense of pity and sadness for you and your family, ignorance is a horrible legacy to pass down.



So, it’s all good. I’m still looking for daycare so I can continue to work my most fabulous job, but at least I’m not looking for someone to loan me a shovel and hold the flashlight for me in the middle of the night.

More on OTHER things soon… and YES the MORE and OTHER will be FUNNY (at least to me) as I’m done being indignant and morally superior ;) (for the moment).

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