Monday, June 18, 2007

Now On To Other Stuff… In Random Order

I believe I’ve found someone to watch my kids while I work! AND it shouldn’t cost me ALL of my pay check! Woohoo!

My offspring got to see the shuttle launch while in Florida. To which my youngest progeny screamed “I SAW IT! I SAW IT! I SAW IT!”

When the Little People returned home I told them that Hanta had passed away. As expected Super Girl took it hard and sobbed. Of course just the sight of my oldest crying from grief made me cry also. After a few moments we both regained composure and Cabbage Patch patted me on the arm then said “It’s okay mom, you can buy another gerbil.”

I still absolutely love my job. This past Friday and Saturday were so insanely busy I barely had time to breath, but it’s be just amazing. The only kvetch I do have is the music that is piped in all day long – Contemporary Christian Rock aka Jesus Make-Out music. And if that isn’t bad enough, the fact that there seems to be an extremely limited amount of Jesus Make-Out music out there so I get to hear the same shit every day. So much so that if I ever come face to face with Scott Stapp I may have to kick him right in the balls for as many times as I’ve had to listen to the SAME FREAKING CREED SONG. (All day long I have that South Park episode where Cartman puts together a Christian rock band going trough my head.)

I let my progeny dye their hair yesterday. Hush up, it’s all temporary dye. One has red and the other has hot pink/fuchsia. They love it and it looks cute.

My youngest is a total ‘tard at times. Just a bit ago she was jumping around like a maniac. When I asked her what she was doing she said “I’m going to be cool!” Then she did this kick thing and fell right on her butt to which I said “Haha, looks like you just fell on your butt!" She looked up at me and said “
That's cool." She gets the DORK award of the day.

Now… I’m off to make dinner. ;)

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