Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She Said WHAT?

I just had this conversation with my youngest offspring:

Her: Before I came from Copper Head.
Me: Hmmm?
Her: Before I lived on Copper Head.
Me: Oh?
Her: Yeah, I lived on Copper Head and it was different than here. But the Master he didn’t like me so he hit me in the head. And my mom and dad they didn’t like me so I left and came here then I lived in your tummy and now I’m here.
Me: Ahhhhhh.
Her: Kitty! I love the kitty!
Me: Did they have kitties on Copper Head?
Her: No. Only dogs. Copper Head dogs.

All of that was in response to me giving her a hug and saying “I love you! You are my favorite 5 year old! My favorite 5 year old with hot pink hair!” I see years of therapy in her future… luckily it won’t be my fault with this kid!

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