Friday, June 22, 2007

Waiting For Laundry

Just a quick update while I wait for my laundry to finish.

Though I still love my job, yesterday was the first day I did not enjoy it. It was not the actual job, it was the person who started a bunch of stuff and didn’t bother to finish it, so I had to finish it all and didn’t get to the things I needed to get done. That and I don’t really like mopping the whole damn bakery. Oh well, it could be a much worse job.

I got horribly sad news yesterday, Coco the Wonder Dog has macular degeneration and will be blind within a year. Not only that but the tumors that were removed from her nasal cavities are growing back. The facts are that Coco probably had one or two more good years left and that is heartbreaking because she’s only three years old. I’m so sad that I’ll only have my time share dog for maybe another year.

My kids just made their own lunch. A ketchup sandwich for one and a bowl of cereal for the other. Yes the ketchup sandwich was for the offspring who is the former occupant of Copperhead Planet.

A friend of mine who is very dear to my heart is moving away from Texas. I’m so very sad about that.

Life doesn’t suck all around though, K is going to spend tonight with his boyfriend. Yay for him.

My pink haired offspring still has pink hair and damn that’s cute!

Well I better get in the shower now – gotta leave for work in 20 minutes.

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