Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And The Answer Is: Because I Cleaned The Kids Room!

Just like Jeopardy except much more boring. And no prizes.

Why is there a mountain of laundry spilling out of my laundry room and into the kitchen?

Why is there a bag full of stuffed animals by the front door?

Why have I used my complete and extensive vocabulary of swear words twice this morning?

Why did I consider kenneling the offspring for the rest of the summer?

Why was I staring at an unidentifiable something while standing in my progeny’s room?

Why did I stop and wonder “What is that smell?” earlier this morning?

Why have I written the Tiny Terrorist out of my will and added Bea, Dragon and Coco instead?

Give up? Well, yeah, you have serious short-term memory issues if you do – give up the pot now – since I already told you the answer.

Today my plan was not to spend the morning swearing, cleaning, and slave driving my offspring. Well okay, the slave driving part was in the plans but not the cleaning of their room, just slave driving in general – it’s good for them, it builds character.

And the final question:

Why do I have the urge to drink an entire bottle of tequila?

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