Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day of Dorkitude

Yesterday was not only a LONG day for me but one fraught with dorkyness. But what can I say, I am the Duchess of Dorkdome. I locked up the bakery register and when I got someone to come fix it, it had apparently fixed it self (as it I just didn’t realize it wasn’t locked up), I couldn’t find my invoices for my deliveries for that day, I almost forgot to bake my bread, I made a lovely cake – the wrong freaking size! Then when I went home briefly I found out a friend is extremely pissed at me for something I did not do – I more than likely have completely lost the friendship (which is terribly painful to know), had to disappoint my children by telling them that they could not go swimming since I had to go to a meeting for work that night – I resorted to bribery to stop the tears, I’m not proud of it, but I did it. Whatever. That day is over. Today is a NEW DAY! And it’s RAINING! And my power has been flicker on and off! AND I got a $4 off coupon for a carton of cigarettes! How great is that? It’s not. I don’t smoke! Talk about the wrong target audience. Well I’m going to go drown my issues in a nice cup of coffee. Mmmmmm coffee, Starbucks coffee… almost as good as sex… ALMOST.

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