Sunday, August 12, 2007

Started With Vomit and Ended With Vomit!

What a great birthday I had despite the fact that I didn't get ANYONE... er.. ANYTHING off my list. I worked and got to see Super Hot Bread Delivery Man - briefly - I made my own fabulous birthday cake, had lunch with K and the offspring, got home to see birthday wishes from my favorite people in the world - my friends... even one from Japan! Then it was off to the BIG GAY evening of dinner and a movie - HAIRSPRAY - with my ex and his boyfriend (and my progeny). (Okay, okay, the dinner and movie with the GAYS was part of a untilitarian thing as K needed to be at his boyfriends house last night so he coule fly out today and have the boyfriend take him to the airport since I'll be at work in 30 mins. So, not my top choice of things to do, but it was lots of fun.) Showered with gifts (a NEW BARBIE!) then back home to see YET MORE sweet birthday wishes (even one sneaked in by another mansicle on the list - Bruce Willis, you sneaky devil! You just let me know when I can come over and eat you like a popsicle on a hot summer day. ;) )AND the most special part is that Coco the Wonder Dog did NOT forget me, right before bed she barfed on the floor right next to my computer! What a THOUGHTFUL Dog! So yeah, I've had more than enough VOMIT for my birthday, anyone else who's gotten me puke for this birthday - you are going to have to return it, it's so not original now.

Really the best part was all the birthday wishes... and the CAKE. Just know my friends and family care enough to wish me a happy day is enough for me.

I love you guys!

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