Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going FAST!

I made this cake right before I left work today at 2:30 pm. I stopped by the store right after 4 today (to drop off the gingerbread house kit) and it was GONE! Yikes! I was actually hoping it would stay in the display case for at least a few days. Or maybe even go out of date and be used as a display cake.

This was a baby shower cake. It's very cute, I hope they have some insulin on hand when they eat it because that cake has a LOT of icing on that cake.

This is the other cake I made for the display case. It was still there last I saw.

Gingerbread News

I purchased the kit today at Michael's. This was after an exhaustive search of any place near me that MIGHT have had the kit. And of course I had such a FABULOUS experience with Wally World and the WalMartians. I called them before going up and asked if they had the EXACT gingerbread kit I was looking for, I asked TWICE and was told that YES they DID - in the Christmas section. I go up there and go to the Christmas section only to be told that they weren't sure they had that. Call a manager who knows they HAVE them just not in the BIG Christmas section, it's in the Christmas candy section. Fine. Guess what? They don't have THE gingerbread house kit I was looking for. They have the small one there. I tell the manager that and she says that crafts usually gets the BIG gingerbread house kit so we head off to crafts and find the person who works there and miraculously they DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING GINGERBREAD HOUSE KIT! Yay. I tell the manager that I'm quite unhappy about this since I called the store and was told they had THE EXACT KIT I was looking for. She admits having taken the call but says that she was never asked about the ULTIMATE Gingerbread House Kit. I tell her that YES she was, I asked TWICE and she TWICE said it was in the Christmas section and that I wouldn't have wasted my time going to this store unless I knew that damn kit was there. Stupid bitch. Thankfully Michael's exists. I walked in, ran into an old friend from high school who pointed me to the 5 million gingerbread house kits right away. I got my kit, paid and walked out. Less than 10 minutes total.

So... hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to start the assembly of the house on the base and Tuesday I can start the decorating, Wednesday Sarge and I can go to the candy store and get the last of the decorations that I can't find at the store I work at, leaving Thursday and Friday for the final decorations. Hopefully this will be AWESOME.

Okay, I'm done for now.

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