Thursday, November 15, 2007

In Need Of Motivation

Blah. I just want to sleep for the next 20 hours. But... I CAN'T. As soon as K gets home I have to head back to work. Or I should say to GINGERBREAD HELL. Yes, yes I know this is amusing to many of you that I'm having such difficulty with this damn thing. Fuck off.

Last night Sarge and I headed off to the candy store so I could procure some of the last supplies for the damned house. Sadly I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Eh, no matter, we had a fun time and somehow mysteriously ended up at Jason's Deli even though we were headed for Chipotle.

Today was yet another day of WORK. I made cakes. Blah. I made a wedding cake. The same damn style as the other wedding cake. Terribly disappointing as I'd very much like to do something DIFFERENT. And if I ever get finished with Gingerbread HELL and finished with the holiday orders I'll have time to do the display wedding cake and you can bet money that it won't look like this!

I did cupcakes today also:

Something for Daisy Scouts. I airbrushed all of the cupcakes. I'm awesome (in my head).

Blah. Not motivated to write more.

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