Monday, November 26, 2007

Things That Don't Suck

My job - it's so fucking cool. I spend most of my day just making pretty things that make people happy. It's gotta be kind of like being one of Santa's elves except without the reindeer crap.

My casa being nice and clean STILL! WOOHOO!

Hanukkah being sooooooo soon! I even dug out all my menorahs and candles.

Silence - halle-fucking-lujah, the kids are in bed and asleep! I think Cabbage Patch smoked a crack rock this afternoon because she talked NOT STOP right up until bed. It was insane, many times she was carrying on a conversation with the voices in her head.

Tamales for dinner - probably not Kosher, but I'm using a military attitude with them - Don't Ask, Don't Tell. They were TASTY.

My vacuum cleaner. No really it's not sucking. I fucking broke it tonight. (and technically it still does suck, the brush just doesn't turn anymore) I managed to snap two brand new belts that I put on. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I have the feeling that the only way to FIX this issue is to purchase a NEW vacuum. Ahhh yay me, now I know what I'm getting for Hanukkah.

Getting to play Call of Cthulhu last night. That was so fucking cool! And with Sarge which only made that much more AWESOME.

And the second most not sucking thing of the day... These CAKES! (Sorry the game stuff still rates the highest)

My Little Pony! Sheesh this is so freaking cute my brain almost exploded! I totally love it!

This, I have no idea what that stands for. AND that my dear Internet friends is where you come in, I'd appreciate you all commenting on what you think the acronyms stand for (please don't strain your Googling muscles trying to find the ACTUAL meaning, I just want you to reach deep within your depraved little minds and give meaning to those letters).

Okay, I'm off to bed now, I have to open the bakery, make 4 full sheet cakes AND get our delivery of 33 boxes tomorrow! Woohoo! Fun times.

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