Monday, December 17, 2007

Spacey Can Be Fun

And I don't mean Kevin Spacey, though I'm sure he's a lot of fun in his own right. I myself am spacey enough for anyone as I've been on a LOT of cold medicine to make it possible for me to be in public and give people the urge to spontaniously spray me with Lysol frequently.

And the fun of being on cold medicine and going to work. Woot! Me decorating cakes! YAY! Me taking orders for cakes! Awesome Me driving my sister's car! Woohoo! All things that warning on the side of the box says I shouldn't be doing (no operating heavy machinery or using brain).

Wanna see photos of cakes? Of course you do because otherwise I'll tell you about my cold medicine induced dream about zombies dressed in drag singing karaoke.

heh, the Jewish girl makes Jesus birthday cakes. (actually I am going to HAVE to make a cake that says Happy Birthday Jesus despite the fact that I feel that's rather inappropriate. I mean honestly, what kind of cake would Jesus eat? Does he want buttercream icing or whipped? Who am I to make that kind of decision? And what if his dad doesn't like the cake? You know it's never the kid who has a problem with the cake, it's always the parent.)
Oh no Army of Snow People!

mmmmmm frosting....

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