Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Cake

Just phoning it in right now. Should have updated yesterday but found better things to do than sit at the computer. I know, hard to believe.

Something for the display case.
Another communion cake, this time with a plastic lay-on. I like the one I do in icing better.
This is the actual design that the plastic lay-on goes to. Except it has a bright yellow back ground and white flowers. The funny thing is that this ISN'T the cake that they ordered. I just misunderstood the order because it was taken by someone from the office and they didn't write down the correct info. Not an issue though, they loved this cake much better than the one they chose.
I love Hello Kitty.
I wonder if it's still in the display case.

Gotta go to work now. Enjoy the CAKE!

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