Sunday, August 10, 2008

What A Weekend!

Wow, the luau was way fun. Penis CAKE! (No I won't post those photos and I won't explain either - if the powers that employ me were to find out about penis CAKE I'd be so fired! I'd appreciate it if anyone who does have photos of said cake, does NOT post them for obvious reasons. I'm proud of my work and amused by that cake, just don't post that pic. ;) )

I'm to tired to make a REAL post so it's just photos of the wedding and grooms cakes from Saturday.

Something pretty for the case.
Another case cake. It sold pretty quick.
Case cake, sold in 2 hours.
Grooms cake.
The wedding cake it matched. The bride LOVED this so much, she hugged me.

This one is my FAVORITE of the cakes though. It took the longest and just surprised the hell out of me by how beautiful it turned out.

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