Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Extended Hours

I worked forEVER today. Really. It was forever. Infact I think I'm still at work and I just THINK I'm home. The worst part is that I didn't finish everything. Man it was a busy day. HUGE shipment of product. Bad weather blowing in spurring many people on to SHOP for groceries. I even left a cake undone. I just had to leave, it was 2 hours past when I was supposed to get off work. 2 hours. Tomorrow is a day off for me, but I'm going to go in to do that damn cake. Gah!

And bad weather... blowing through now. Just heard the thunder. Listening to the weather on the TV now. Have had calls from Sarge and K tonight alerting me to tornado warnings in my area. *sigh* Gotta love those men. Ah! Tornado warning cancled for my area. And.... the tornado sirens just went off...

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