Monday, February 20, 2006

Insanity Abounds

Her: You can’t watch that movie again.
Me: Yes I can.
Her: Dere’s a new movie, called “May I Touch That”.
Me: Are you sure that’s the name?
Her: Uh-huh, it’s about a boy and a skunk.
Me: Ahhh, are you sure that’s a movie?
Her: Dere’s another movie. It’s called “Are We Dere Yet?”
Me: Oh really? And what’s that about?
Her: It’s about a brown man.
Me: Oh?
Her: Yeah and a brown boy.
Me: I think you are just making that up.
Her: No! The mice are in it!


I’m sick again… FUCKING AGAIN. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get well. Maybe the government is conducting secret experiments on me. Eh. Who knows. At any rate, I took Nyquil Saturday night in an attempt to get a decent nights sleep. Well let me tell you THAT was a mistake. Apparently my love affair with Nyquil is OVER. I no longer get a nice near coma like sleep from Nyquil, oh no. I get a serious head trip. I have very bizarre dreams and wake several times a night with a head full of crazy images. I woke at 2:30 am and was startled by the fact that my cat was on the bed next to me… where she always sleeps. I remember having this strong urge to BLOG all the medication induced images and that the only reason I didn’t was because I wasn’t sure I could type so well. I am thankful to whatever power prevented me from blogging that as I’m certain that I would be committed at this very moment if I had. Also, such SPECIAL dreams are not something that need to be committed to memory any more than just the fuzzy vagueness that they are NOW.


Last night I had this very vivid dream of walking around at night with this guy I am interested in, we were walking around his apartment complex and we were picking up coins off the ground. We walked up some stairs where we kissed, then went back to picking up coins. What the fuck? I’m thinking it’s the last of the Nyquil getting out of my system.

Pirate Party

Yesterday was Super Girl’s 7th birthday party. Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor when it comes to that kid’s birthday parties. All of her parties, save one have had sudden BAD weather either cancel them or diminish the amount of guest who show up. One year a freak cold storm had everyone showing up in heavy coats and scarves for a Luau themed birthday party, another year the trip to the lake to feed the ducks was canceled for the same reason, the next brought SNOW the day of the party and we all know that if it snows in Dallas, every freaking thing closes, so no party. This year the temperatures dropped and the weather predicted ice – which didn’t really happen but the THREAT was enough to only bring out the most loyal of friends. No matter Super Girl had a BLAST! At one point Captain John had 4 little girls chasing him around with plastic swords. Everyone had a most fabulous time despite the fact that NONE of Super Girl’s classmates attended (the RUDEST part was that NONE of the parents called to say the wouldn’t be there! Jerks!). Kudos to Captain John and The Wife for all their work and for letting the party happen there.

Okay off to get dressed, just realized I sounded like a total hypocrite telling Cabbage Patch to get dressed when I’m not even dressed.

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