Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Never A Good Thing…

When the day starts with a puking child. That was yesterday for me. K and I split sick kid duty. I went to work and he called in for the morning. I intended to blog about Bast’s party and post the ever so amazing photos from said party, but when I got home I was a bit preoccupied with a feverish child.

Later that night it was time for more LATKES! I made another batch of fabulous potato latkes for dinner and then attempted to make apple latkes. The potato latkes were fabulous yet again, but the apple latkes… well not so much, in fact they weren’t even fit for human consumption… maybe not even animal consumption. No worries, they are tied up tight in a garbage bag. *sigh* I think I’m done making latkes for the year, I MIGHT make donuts, but who knows, I’m kind of tired of frying things. This might be the night of Lays potato chips and Krispy Kreame donuts. Rah, rah, the festival of oil.

Oh yeah, happy Chanukkah to everyone one… even you cute little goyim readers! Keep it kosher! ;)

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