Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend of Activities

Ya know, one of the main reasons I quit working weekends was so that I could sleep in! Well whatever. Now that both of the Tiny Terrorists are in Girl Scouts (Daisy Scouts and Brownies) I have yet to have just a weekend to sleep until noon. Not that I did that during the weekend when I was home, but hey I can dream.

This past weekend was FULL of activities. Super Girl went to the ballet with her troop and Cabbage Patch toured the Fire Station with her troop. Lucky for me, I organized the fire station tour so I HAD to go. Honestly it had NOTHING to do with me wanting to oogle hot firefighters. Well maybe just a little, but it WAS really for the kids.

Sadly only two girls showed up (including my progeny), but that meant we got a very personal tour with the three firefighters. (NOT like THAT, there were children there! – Though I wouldn’t mind that kind of tour just for ME. “Oh Mr. Fireman! Have I got a fire for you to put out.”)

The girls completely enjoyed the tour and got to climb on the fire trucks and ring the bells. I completely enjoyed the tour though I didn’t get to climb on any firefighters or ring their bells. I did however take many, many photos to *ahem* document the tour (i.e. I got to take photos of the hot firefighter for masturbation material and pretend it was totally innocent) – yes I know I’m a total DORK, I even wore my DORK shirt that day.

Sadly the fire station was a one story building so there was no POLE to slide down, and no occasion to make cheesy jokes about said fire pole. There also was no Dalmatian. Two stereo types ruined in one afternoon. But firefighters do wear red suspenders… on their fire thingy outfits. And they are hot. Well one was hot, the other two had wedding rings so that kind of turned the HOTNESS factor off for them. They were still cute, but I wanted to practice mouth to mouth with the single one. I may have to stalk him. Maybe just set fires and hope he shows up (KIDDING! KIDDING! I shall just lick his photo often and consider driving by before engaging in masterbatory pleasures).

Later that night I went to Bast’s party… but that’s another post.

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