Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This morning when I dropped off K at work I saw not one but TWO COYOTES! Right there off 121 where they are doing a lot of construction. They were so damn cute I just wanted to stop the car and run out to cuddle their cute little furry rabid selves!

I was so excited by my sight of coyotes that I had to call K and tell him. He was just confused at first not understanding what I could possibly be talking about. So I just told him to not get bitten.

More Cuteness!

How about a nice cuddly case of the flu? Or maybe an adorable case of the clap? Don’t look for any penicillin to clear these babies up – you won’t want them to! I want them all! Come on, couldn't you just die from the cuteness of this sweet little heartworm! If you can ignore those eyes, well your heart is a black lump of coal and you eat puppies for breakfast so we can't be friends.

OHHHH! My FAVORITE!!! Someone needs to get me this adorable case of MAD COW DISEASE!!! I am in LOVE!

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