Wednesday, February 21, 2007

K Needs To Stop Trying To Murder Me


I’m just a stupid ho

The other day K brought home ice cream in the groceries (why do I trust him to shop alone?? When will he learn that chips and queso are NOT a food group??). This shopping trip he brought back much better fare for us as only one meal was completely comprised of fried foods (fish sticks and French fries). But I digress. K brought home ice cream. An obvious attempt to KILL me as I am lactose intolerant AND I lack any self control when said ice cream has ribbons of fudge and is loaded with chunks of brownies (just a note here, that was false advertising – there are the delectable ribbons of fudge but as far as the brownies… well not so LOADED as they promise… but not the less, quite tasty). Yesterday after eating a small bowl of ice cream I lay on the couch wondering if my stomach would explode or if I should practice burping my A-B-C’s. It was painful. I blame K. I blame him for most everything though. I think from now on I should stick to CUPCAKES or COOKIES for my sugar rushes.

Moving on…

Today is a most fabulous and amazing day! I’m so thrilled! It’s so beautiful outside! The temps today are supposed to be in the 70’s!! So you know what that means don’t you?? It means it is warm enough to wear THE SHOES!!!!! I have them on now. (See the picture) I swear the car drove better with new shoes. I love my shoes!

Can you smell me now?

Last night as I prepared a most disgusting dinner of fish sticks and French fries, Cabbage Patch engaged in the most bizarre of behaviors. I walked back into the living room to see her sitting on the sofa in her panties spraying her father’s cologne under her arms, and then rubbing it in. I said to her “Umm… stop that. That’s your daddy’s cologne. It’s not deodorant.” And she said “It smells good!” Crazy child.

Well I’m off to deliver some Girl Scout Cookies. If you haven’t gotten yours from me yet, WHY THE HELL NOT? Call me, give me money and I’ll give you cookies.

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