Friday, July 06, 2007

E I, EI, Oooooooooooooo!

Apparently small alien children from Copperhead Planet are serious animal lovers and love to pretend they are farmers and introduce their brand new duck to their old pig. And now Piggy and Ducky (I know, real original names) are in love because interspecies love is not frowned upon by the inhabitants of Copperhead Planet.

The NEW pet/toy ducky was purchased today after trying to talk her out of having this rather ugly dog toy. Yes, yes, my prodigy BEGGED for a dog toy and YES she knew it was a dog toy but she had to have the damn duck. On the tag it says ‘free as a bird’ but my Tiny Terrorist insisted it should have said ‘free as a DUCK’.

My only question is, where will they live? A sty or a nest? Woman usually get to pull a lot of the strings on that one so it could really be a nest, but Piggy is older (like 20 or so years old!) and more set in his ways so I could see him insisting on a sty. I guess it won’t really matter until they decide on kids. I hope they adopt.

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