Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happiness Is a Piñata As Tall As You Are And Loaded With Crap!

The youngest of the Tiny Terrorists is quite happy. D took her to the Hispanic areas of town yesterday and let her select her own piñata which turned out to be a bigger than life Dora The Explorer, it’s literally as tall as her and has a head that’s 3 times as big as hers– let me tell you, it’s fucking SCARY. In addition, she is fully loaded, when that thing splits open, I hope all the children are standing clear, I would hate for any one of them to get a massive blunt force head trauma from the sheer weight of candy spewing from Dora’s head.

Yesterday we also selected which cake will be adding to the sugar buzz for the wee people this weekend. After looking through the book twice, Cabbage Patch finally decided on a Go Diego, Go! cake, as Diego is Dora’s cousin and is wildly popular with my progeny who actually believe they can speak Spanish after watching a few episodes of that back to back. I cannot say I wasn’t slightly disappointed she decided to forgo the adorable Tinkerbelle cake or the labor-intensive castle cake, but it appears she’s choosing her own theme in her own haphazard way.

Menopausal Computer

My computer is having ‘issues’. Hot flashes. It’s horrible. Temperamental old bitch! Until K gets a new fan for her, I’ll only be on sporadically so don’t think I’m ignoring you if I don’t answer, I’m probably just curled up in a fetal position weeping about my computer issues. Or doing laundry.

Cat Talk

You would think Sunshine would learn, but no. This morning as I finished my cereal and soymilk:

Sunshine, leaping onto the computer desk looking hopeful: Can I have the last of your milk?!?!?!?!?!
Me, shaking head and offering bowl to cat.
Sunshine, looking shocked: Ewww! That is not milk!
Me: *smirks*
Sunshine: *moves spoon in my other hand closer with paw and sniffs* Not milk!
Me: Same as yesterday.
Sunshine: *looking deeply offended* This situation is intolerable. You aren’t funny. Have fun guessing which pair of shoes I crapped in. *jumps off computer desk and flicks tail at me* I hate you.

Ahhh I’m so glad we have these moments.

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