Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Got Nothin’

That’s exactly it, I have NOTHING for you today. Which is really no different than any other day really, so what the hell, I’ll blog anyway!

Birthday Kvetch

I turn 36 on Saturday (fuck you to all of you who are all “Wow, I totally thought she was older than that!”) and I have no plans! Well let me clarify, I have LOTS of offers for things to do, none of them are what I really WANT to do. I have an offer to go see Hairspray with two lovely gay men and the offspring, I have an offer to go to the rennie gathering, I have offers from various hot male persons who want to take me to dinner/movie/bed/dessert/etc. Honestly I don’t really want to do any of that. Eh, I’ll probably stay home and do laundry. I know, I’m exciting. Oh yeah, I just discovered that the milk EXPIRES on my birthday... is that a SIGN? Eh, probably not, I don't drink milk anyway.

Another Reason To Continue Making Voodoo Dolls

K is leaving to go out of town on business. He’s leaving the day after my birthday and won’t be home until the 20th. So not only do I get a whole week with the offspring BY MY SELF, but his trip is over my Birthday party!

Enough said… I need more pins for this doll…


Damn I hate doing laundry, and only because I have soooo damn much! Anyway, my love see is covered (as always) with clean laundry and my offspring are currently pretending the clean laundry is falling on them and eating them alive. Maybe I used too much fabric softener.

Disney Dreams

I’m thinking of bringing a class action lawsuit against Disney. Why? For all those damn movies I watched while growing up where the animals were helpful and helped the heroine clean house! I’ve been working relentlessly to teach my cats to help around the house and all I get from them is the occasional hairball thrown up on the floor. They are completely worthless. Anyone want to join me in my quest for justice from Disney induced delusions?

5 am Wake Up Call

I got up at 5 am today. On my day off, I got up at 5 am to walk around the park with a friend and my oldest progeny. That’s insane! I’ll do it again on Monday because, well I told her I would. What were you doing at 5 am this morning?

Okay, that’s all.. I told you I had nothing ;)

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