Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Calgon Take Me FAR, FAR AWAY!

Shit. First grade homework is going to fucking kill me. Or should I say, doing first grade homework with my Alien Tiny Terrorists is going to make my fucking brain EXPLODE. It’s taken 2 hours to finish this! Two fucking hours! Five sentences! All she had to do was write five sentences! Wow, I thought Super Girl was stubborn, I don’t ever remember getting a tension headache while doing homework with her.

Wow this day really has rather sucked – it started out just perfect. A short chat with Bruce Willis, most amazingly wonderful weather to walk to work in… then I got to work and went straight to the crapper from there. And the fighting with my offspring to make them do their homework, well THAT’S just made it so much BETTER – NOT!

I need a break… maybe a nice dinner with Bruce Willis or a massage from Bruce. I’ll probably just go to bed early. Blah!

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