Sunday, December 09, 2007

Catching Up So To Speak

Snow siblings! Special request cupcakes for the assistant manager for her grandkids.
Totally cute cake!
So damn tragic that I DROPPED IT! Right as I was getting it for the customer. It just slid right out of the box and smashed on the floor. I stood there in utter shock and horror as the customer giggled. Then I didn't want to touch any cakes the rest of the day... not that I could abide by that as I'm the CAKE DECORATOR. Luckily I was the only person upset by this cake disaster.
Yes, yes I know. It's a blue version of the pink cake. It's supposed to be.

And this one is just for the display case.

What a weekend it's been. Friday night I spent with Sarge and his offspring. We had a delightful dinner (I remembered the damn cake) and played a game much more fun than dreidel - Heroclix. I have to admit I felt slightly guilty about beating an adorable 9 year old. We watched 300 which I have to say, I utterly enjoyed. Though I am confused about a couple of things... like why Spartans favored wearing the leather Speedo all the time (just curious, not complaining) and why 300 wasn't actually marketed as a gay porn movie. The last time I saw that many muscled men in leather undies it was when I accidentally opened up some of K's porn. Goodness, it was thorougly hot and very enjoyable. I ended up getting home about 4 am because I'm rather STOOPID at times. I kept looking at the cable box watching the time... or so I thought... in actually it was just showing that it was on channel 252. For some reason it never dawned on me that it had stayed 2:52 am for an awful long time.

And then Saturday happened. I woke with a sinus headache, took a handful of pills, went to work late, got there 30 minutes late, still had a headache, worked, took more pills, still felt crappy, worked some more, dropped a cake, almost cried, remade the cake, didn't want to handle anymore cake for fear of dropping it, finished work, came home and took a really long nap. THEN Saturday got better! D came home with the most adorable and useful Hanukkah gift - a HELLO KITTY TOASTER OVEN!!! Today I've used it SEVERAL times - I made cinnamon toast, cheese toast, peanut butter toast, a quesadilla and two batches of chocolate chip cookies. I don't care that it took me 20 minutes to make my breakfast, it was in a HELLO KITTY TOASTER OVEN! And THAT made me HAPPY!

Another addition to Casa de Karmically Challenged has happened. D gave us a Wii. Oh dear deity in the heavens, this thing is addictive. I totally suck at EVERYTHING, but whatever!

Okay, must go play now!

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