Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Big One: A Tale Of Two Cakes

This past Saturday was Baby Z's first birthday party. I was in charge of bringing the exquisitly decorated cake. Take a look at the masterpiece.

The party had an Asian Hello Kitty theme.
Much pink and red. Really very cute big cake. I created it while at work Saturday. Had K come up to the store to pick me and it up at 4 pm when I finished work.

The next step was just to deliver it to the party - early even. Everything was on track. K went to the store to get a gift bag as I started to get ready. At this rate I'd be there about 5:30 pm.

It was not to be. When K returned a few minutes later Super Girl ignored my commands of "No, don't get the door, your daddy has a key, he can get it himself," and ran to the door, knocking over the box with the cake in it in the process.

All the air left my lungs. My brain threatened to explode. I could not believe what I just saw even though I was saying "She just knocked over the cake. Oh my gawd, she just knocked over the cake." Then I did exactly what everyone else would do in that instance... I panicked. K put the cake back in the car, I babbled something incoherent to me and then said that Super Girl would NOT go to the party with me and left to fix the cake.

When I got to the store I did something totally classy, I totally lost my shit. I started crying. My cheese had totally fallen off my cracker and I was sobbing over a cake at work. Luckily that passed quickly and then I went into work mode and got that cake redone. Below is the cake that was delivered to the party. An hour LATE.

I think I actually like the second cake better than the first. But fuck, I hope that NEVER happens again.

Okay, off to work, many many cakes to do for the Valentine's ad tomorrow. Enjoy your virtual cake if you didn't actually get a piece of this tasty cake.

PS: Check out how much of a spaz I look like in the party pics... I know, nothing new, go look at the pics though. I loves me some Baby Z!

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