Friday, February 08, 2008

Just Random

I'm at lunch right now. So busy in the bakery. I'm not in the mood to be there, it's so quiet it gives me a lot of time to think. And dwell. And think. And jump to conclusions. And dwell. And think. And beat myself up over things. Welcome to my little psychotic world! Judy World ROCKS! It's so exciting and full of cafeinated fun! And cupcakes! Except when it's very very dark... which it is now... So... it's not a good place to vacation. Whoops! Sorry, you were denied at customs! Get off my planet. Um... hi, never mind. Moving on...

I love this photo of baby Z and me. Its not a great photo... because I'm in it AND I look so stupid. Baby Z has that "For the love of all things pink and frilly, will you just take the fucking photo and get this over with?" And she had that look for a good reason.

Right when I took Baby Z so her mama SEG could take a few photos of me and the birthday girl this crazy lady walking by the table started gushing over Z. Gushing to the point of being CREEPY. I mean it's one thing to say "Oh what an adorable baby! How cute her outfit is! Such pretty skin! Have a nice day!" and walk on, but this woman went on for like 5 minutes about how adorable Baby Z is and her clothes and her skin and ON and ON and ON AND she kept touching Baby Z. Totally weird. And rude, she could see that SEG was about to take a photo. So, by the time Crazy left and SEG snapped the photo, Baby Z was DONE with it. Hence my crappy photo with Baby Z. I love the photo though, because it makes me giggle and think of this.

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